[Archeage 3.0] – New Content!

XLGames has finally released their special website for 3.0 (found here). This encompasses of what Archeage players can look forward to in the new update! There’s many features coming in the new update. Let’s look at them in the order they appear on the XLGames website.

(NOTE: As I read more about the 3.0 update some information is subject to change)


art of new races

The two new races, Dwarves and Warborn will come out in this update.


dwarf regular

The dwarves will have the ability to use a mechsuit, in which XL describes it as “A quite strong ability”. The picture below illustrates that cool mechsuit.

dwarf mecha

NA/EU version will call their transformation the “Juggernaut”.

If you’re interested in the new animations for dwarf combat, you can watch the video below!

And don’t forget the beautiful starting zones they live in, Aubre Cradle and Airain Rock (Nuia)!


warborn regular

The Warborn’s alternate mode called “Predator” allows them to become very powerful. You can see the pictures of their Predator mode below.

warborn carnivore

NA/EU version will call their transformation the “Ravager”.

Here’s a small look at their animations for spells and attacks:

Plus their starting zone, Sunbite Wilds (Haranya)!

All races have their passives reworked a little bit and now, all of them have a 5 minute buff that can be activated by going to the Skills window and clicking the button for it. This skill has a 30 minute cooldown.

The transformations for the Warborn and Dwarves initially last for 2 minutes and 30 seconds but by leveling up the transformation, you can unlock new skills and increase the duration up to 5 minutes. During the transformation you can ONLY use the skills that the transformation has, and you cannot use items.

The new “HatreD” Skills + pve/pvp changes + Weapons

There are new passive and active skills with this new update. These, as said before, can be applied to any skillset as long as all skillsets are level 55. I will make a separate post about these to go further in depth.

They can be seen in the video above.

In our version they will be called “Abyssal Skills”. You will need to be level 55 in each skill tree before you can start the questline to activate Abyssal Skills. Abyssal Skills also have levels, and do not use much mana because they have a certain number of “points” that you use while using abyssal skills.

A new battleground in Mistsong Dungeon allows a 12v12 group to battle against each other! There will be no restrictions placed on this battleground.


There will also be a Naval PvP area. Ten players can go up against each other to battle each other’s ship. (This will come out after the new Reedwind zone release and the Thunderwing Titan in Korea).


A feature for character stats will be added. It appears as so a special item allows you to distribute the base stats of a character differently than normal.

new stat change

Concerning weapons, any weapon graded Celestial or higher will have a glowing effect on it that corresponds to the grade’s color.

epic t7 scepter mythic t7 scepter

For example, the picture shows an (left) Epic Tier 7 Obsidian Scepter compared to a Mythic Tier 7 Obsidian Scepter.

world Bosses

The Three-Legged-Crow (the Thunderwing Titan for our version) is an aerial world boss, meaning you have to fly around on a glider (that acts like the Astra Wings) to take it down!


This world boss is in the zone of Reedwind (north of Diamond Shores). (You can see a clip of it in this video!) In Korea, this world boss came out after the 3.0 release.


These buildings have several beds (that you can sleep in for the price of 2 Gilda Stars). These are not purchasable. These are community residential halls that can be upgraded through completing dailies.

bolt of judgement masnion

This community center can bump down a hostile faction’s community center down to Rank 1. Found in Cinderstone Moore and Ynystere.

costume mansion

This mansion seemingly makes the 230,000 proficiency items. Found in Marianople, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Halcyona, Falcorth Plains, Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah.

0713_new_residential_center_009This mansion has plants that cannot be purchased at regular seed vendors. Found in Gwenoid Forest, Karkasse Ridgelands, Ahnimar, Villanelle, Silent Forest and Rokhala Mountains.trade mansion
This mansion makes a new kind of pack. You use Blue Salt Hammers to make the packs. Found in Two Crowns, White Arden, Hasla, and Perinoor Ruins.vehicle rental mansion
This mansion allows people to rent vehicles! The types of vehicles that can be rented depend on the zone the residential hall is in. (One has vehicles for rent, the other version has boats for rent) Vehicle renting community centers are found in Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock, Arcum Iris, and Tigerspine Moutains. Ship renting community centers are found in Solzreed Peninsula, Lilyut Hills, Dewstone Plains, Mahadevi, Solis Headlands and Sunbite Wilds.

Quality of Life changes


XLGame’s new family system is different from our version. It now comes with dailies that provide vocation badges. Families now have levels, just like guilds do! Increasing the family level will give you more buffs.

Housing Areas

XL has added huge housing areas for all of your housing needs! There will be at least land for 2,500 medium sized houses throughout all of this new land. There will also be some area of Sunbite Wilds that can be used to use Aquafarms. This video below shows some of the land that can be claimed.


XL has added another level to all proficiencies. 180,000 proficiency is not the maximum anymore! It is now 230,000. At 230,000 proficiency, you earn a 230% increase in experience points, 40% reduction in labor points, and 26% reduction in time needed to complete an action in that proficiency.

In addition to the new cap increase, you can create top-tier items, such as new Fortuna Dice, Potions, and Food! These have much higher effects or uses than a regular one.

230k stuff

New Character Customization Interface

The UI for the Character Customization has had an overhaul. See the video above to see how it looks like!

Other interesting things

  • The trade pack system has a new… Feature. It seems to be that it rewards much higher rewards when turning it in at a certain time? (Not sure, will read about it more later!) They also increased the amount of materials you need for a pack, added Gilda Stars to some of them, and larders have ben reworked.
  • New boxes around the world can be opened with keys, which have inside some cool items like Lucky Point shards!
  • The quests pertaining to Orchidna will flow in line with people creating new characters (this matches the main storyline for the race).
  • You can finally auto-roll on something! You will just need to right-click your name and select the option to turn on auto-roll or not.
  • A regrade charm of some sort has been added. This charm enhances the success rate and with this, it (I might interpret this wrong) cannot cause a failure on regrades. Crafted through Masonry.
  • Teleport favorites are here! Now you don’t have to look through 10 pages of available ports to figure out where you want to go.
  • It seems that you can now combine Combat Scrolls (such as drinks, foods, spellbooks etc) so you can easily use them and get fighting.
  • Bread and soups last for 5 seconds but heal as much as one would over 30 seconds. They have 5 second cooldowns. However they cannot be used in battle!
  • Green and purple health/mana potions have their base health/mana recovery and a 10-second buff that restores 10% of the base recovery amount. So if a health pot restores 1000HP, you will heal 1000HP at first then 100HP every second for 10 seconds. These pots have a 21 second cooldown.

That’s all for right now, once the official patch notes have been released (and compared to other regions), I can try to provide you all with accurate information about the 3.0 update!

What are you excited about?


22 thoughts on “[Archeage 3.0] – New Content!

  1. Austin Osburn says:

    Thanks for all your hard work in finding this information. Looking forward to seeing more.

    On a side note, I watched the Character Customization video in .25% speed to see every detail. I love the new Bane mask makeup next to the Joker one. XD


  2. Snuffy says:

    hi percy have you had a chance to figure out how the new mansions are built? Can you tell us yet if they are upgraded regular mansions or require a new design? And what kinds of plants do the mansions that sell plants have? What kind of vehicles in the new mansion that rents them out?
    Any details on the new mansions would be sooo helpful! thanks 😀


    • archeagepercy says:

      Hello again Snuffy.
      I have figured out that these mansions CANNOT be built but rather are incorporated into the housing areas of zones
      Seed mansions sell a special seed that can only be grown in that area.
      As for the vehicle mansion, I will look for it on Anthalon KR as the Bronze Rock zone has it.
      (I haven’t been updating this post, have it? Hehe~)


    • archeagepercy says:

      Yes, there will be new races. I haven’t heard about Trion offering race swap changes and XLGames does not provide them in their version for various reasons. You probably will have to start from scratch.


  3. Silverforte says:

    Know what would be nice? Optimizing your game so the stuttering is fixed. Increasing mouse sensitivity’s cap on the slider. You relatively recently added your most asked for feature – invert Y axis, and that took how long? Stop layering content on top of a broken game that is FLOODED with hackers and bad micro-transaction bullshit. Hire actual staff to help people on your forums whose pleas go unanswered for years.


    • archeagepercy says:

      Trion staff members of ArcheAge are currently in Korea and will provide an actual date of release for 3.0. However they have stated that they will release 3.0 content (assuming that they do no break the update up into smaller pieces) in December. The new world boss will come after the main update and the naval arena will come out after that (probably).


  4. Christopher Patrick Pike says:

    hello, my question Percy is this, will it be likely if we are to start from scratch with these new races will they provide a free character slot on the house for people to do so? or would we still need to purchase an additional slot? has as much been revealed as of yet?


    • Percy says:

      Hi Chris,
      Unfortunately I do not know those sorts of detail as the publisher may decide if they want to do that or not. I’m hoping they do though, since that would be nice for people wirh established alts.


  5. Snuffy says:

    Hi Percy, Foxfire made a video and posted it on reddit showing screenshots from your site, saying that farmer’s workstation quests in 3.0 may give vocation badges because they won’t give gilda anymore.
    Can you check on the KR version please if the farmer’s workstation quests still award 1 gilda each? You don’t need to own land now to use a farmer’s workstation since 8×8 lunar scarecrow workstations can be accessed by anyone (including enemy players from an opposing faction).


  6. Snuffy says:

    Thanks, that’s good news, although I have been saving up tons of gilda from the dailies.
    Also, she mentioned that there was no information on whether gilda packs have a higher reward, yet from those screenshots we saw on the forums, it looked like gilda star packs do turn in for a considerable amount more than their counterparts on KR, can you confirm whether they turn in for more or not please?


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